Augustine Hotel koktejlové menu ELEGANT

Smoked salmon on French baguette with horseradish cream
Beef tartar on toasted white bread with shallots and capers
Tomato essence with herb bruschetta
Goat cheese praline with sundried tomato on fruit & nuts bread
Green asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto with saffron mayonnaise
Cherry tomatoes filled with buffalo mozzarella
Blue cheese foam in parmesan basket
Vegetable crudités with chick peas and mascarpone dip
Baguette with smoked trout, cucumber and salad leaves
Smoked beef tongue, apples, rye bread
Salmon ceviche
Blinis with sour cream and Keta caviar
Veal liver praline on brioche

Sautéed artichokes and bacon
Prunes wrapped in bacon
Vegetable tempura with sweet chili sauce
Chicken skewer marinated in herbs and St. Thomas Beer
Spinach and ricotta ravioli with sage sauce
Spicy chicken lollypops with BBQ sauce
Spring roll with sweet and sour sauce
Goat cheese and tomato tartlets
Spring roll with duck and plum-ginger dip
Puff pastry turnover with tuna
Mushroom Quiche
Risotto praline with Taleggio cheese
Mini burgers
potato pancake with smoked pork and sauerkraut
Spicy red lentill soup
Carrot soup with ginger and star anise
Quiche Lorraine

Cherry dry cake
Mini Bohemian desserts "Větrníky"
Bohemian cakes "Koláčky"
Strawberry panna cotta
Vanilla Crème Brûlée
Raspberry mousse with lemon streusel
Forest fruits with mint and vanilla
Confit rhubarb with lime mousse
Fruit tartlets
Lime-lemon tart
Honey cake "medovník"
Fresh strawberry with orange reduction and whipped cream
Strudel with curd and raisins

*Please take the presentation picture as sample only

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