Information about the legal paperwork in Prague, Czech Republic: documents to be provided, approximate cost and important information. The price is approximate and per person, your wedding coordinator will be able to confirm you the cost.
7000 Kč s DPH

Which documents need to be provided by French citizens to get legally married in Prague?

Valid passport or ID card

- Original birth certificate 

- Original certificate of no impediment 

- Wedding request filled (document from the register office)

- Original divorce decree if you are divorced

- Original death certificate if you are widowed 


What is the cost of the legal paperwork for French citizens? 

PragueWeddings- fixed fee:

25 000,- CZK / 1 000,-EUR (optional) - Ceremony with legalities only by PragueWeddings, more information:

PragueWeddings fee for help and coordination of the legal paperwork only. Our wedding coordinators will guide you in the legal paperwork process, schedule appointments with all institutions needed, collecting your documents, bringing your documents to the translator, buying stamps required, booking interpreter and give you instruction to finalize your legal wedding without any wedding ceremony needed, just quick signing at the register office.

Number of hours of work included in this package: 10 hours off-site work and 5 hours on-site work. 

Legal paperwork fee- approximate cost: 

Legal paperwork translation+ stamps (price based on the number of pages to translate before/after your wedding) 

2 000,-CZK/ 80,-EUR approximative price for an Interpreter authorized by the government*

4 000,-CZK/ 160,- EUR register office fee** 

2 000,-CZK/ 80,-EUR fee per divorced person 

1 000,-CZK/ 40,-EUR shipping of your wedding certificate to your home-country 

500,-CZK/ 20,-EUR per hour charge if additional appoinments or help needed out the 15 hours of work included in the PragueWeddings fee. 

*Please, inquire for prices and languages 

** Please, kindly note that this is an indicative price as each register office is free to apply a different fee


When French citizens need to start working on the legal paperwork? 

If you want a wedding ceremony in Prague, it is necessary for the bride and groom to visit Prague 6-1 month prior to the wedding day to visit local offices and finish up paperwork. For exceptions please enquire.

Not possible for you to visit Prague 6-1 month prior your wedding day and/or not looking for wedding ceremony? Then do not hesitate to use PragueWeddings' service "PW legal paperwork fee" , legal paperwork arraged only, no wedding ceremony just quick signing. Arrive in Prague only 2-3 days before your wedding date, more information:

Would like to have a symbolic ceremony to have the opportunity to make your wedding more personal ? Then we would like to recommend you to combine the "PW Legal Papework Fee " with our package "Symbolic ceremony only": . Indeed you can have a symbolic ceremony at the location of your choice, before, on the same day or after the legal signing. 


Why us ? 


We are a wedding agency established in 1998, and we organized over 1 400 weddings. We have 7 full-time wedding coordinators, working mainly in Prague, Central Bohemia & Switzerland. We are the first transparent agency in the Czech Republic, so we only charge our clients the cost that wedding vendors are charging us. Our agency is specialized in international weddings, we have arranged the legal paperwork in the Czech Republic for over 70+ nationalities. Our team is looking forward to sharing their experience and knowledge with you. To know more about our projects such as our wedding academy, our wedding exhibitions and our agency, have a look at .


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