Bar and cocktail catering

Bar and cocktail catering.
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Why Bar and cocktail catering?
Bar and cocktail catering is a group of gastronomic enthusiasts from Hradec Kralove, whose main focus is delicious cocktails, quality wines, coffee and spirits. In collaboration with experienced chefs and confectioners, they prepare modern and classic cuisine. B & C Catering products will make your dreaming wedding day, corporate party and private celebrations enriched.

They are very happy to prepare cocktails based on new spirits. Well-known cocktails are great, but they like to create new, unknown drinks. The turn of this summer and autumn brought them the strawberry gin, which they have included in their mix, and it is a amazing! In their offer is also a barman show, which is very popular with customers.

Prices are always individual. Depending on the extent of the action - the number of people, the volume of drinks and meals per person, and so on. What is important is also what type of alcohol is chosen for cocktails, whether it is better and therefore more expensive or alcohol of a standard type. Both their offer and the prices are made after an agreement with the customer.

All they need is space for their work. A certain area where they build everything and begin to form. They have all the equipment they need. 


Ing. Michal Novak
phone: +420 736 428 199

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