Copy of marriage certificate

Copy of your marriage certificate can be obtained at the register office in Czech Republic where you got married.

If you wish us to obtain it, we will need a POWER of ATTORNEY that we will email you – one of the couple needs to sign it at a notary and send to us by mail (post).

We will obtain copy of your marriage certificate, with all neccessary stamps and legalisation for your country and official translation int your language and mail it to you.

Costs include: visiting register office, visiting Ministry of Foreign Affairs for legalisation, Translator – drop off, translator – pickup, mailing to you, emails to you, plus real costs of the certificate, stamps and translations.

It usually takes 2-3 weeks from the moment we get your power of attorney via mail until we mail you the certificate.

PRICE: 4950CZK ( US$ 195 or 165 Pounds or 190 Euro )


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