Catering & Inventory

Where do we start? Define your needs.

If you would like to have a refreshment on a place where is no restaurant you can use a catering agency. We usually use catering for cocktail hours after or before the ceremony, or for the whole reception. Catering secures food and drinks, but also whole equipment, such as cutlery, glass, plates, tables, chairs etc. You can choose from our offer of catering agencies.

What’s next? Simple, choose an item from the following basic list and add it to your sample budget:

  1.      Prosecco and Champagne
  2.      Red and white wine
  3.      Wedding wine
  4.      Beer tasting
  5.      Drink Package
  6.      Dinner Catering
  7.      Chairs and tables rental
  8.      Cocktail drinks after ceremony