Photo & Video

Where do we start? Define your needs.

You may need a photographer and a videographer for your wedding day. You can find several professionals on each category with a little presentation of their portfolios.

Remember that some photographers have a minimum hour hiring, so remember to contact him/her before choosing and discuss about the possibilities you have and the budget you will need.

You have also the option to ask for a pre-wedding photography. Again, ask if there are minimum hours needed.

For your reception, you can entertain your guests by adding a photo booth, so everybody can get a souvenir from the wedding.

After the wedding, you have the option to create a book with a selection of all your favorite photos and/or choose some of them to put in elaborate wedding frames.    

What’s next? Simple, choose an item from the following basic list and add it to your sample budget:

  1.      Photographer
  2.      Videographer
  3.      Photo booths
  4.      Pre-Wedding Photography
  5.      Photobook