Flowers & Decoration

From very simple to elaborate .. really depends what you want ( we will be happy to help you find out best solution ).. what style, what color.. how much money you want to spend.. take some inspiration on our website.. or use Pinterest, Google pictures, Social media.. most of our florists are very skilled and creative. We use several florists to get quotes so you can compare.

They can get a good idea what you are looking for just from pictures you send them. How much it costs ? see some sample sets. Dont hesitate to ask.. here are some main flower items:

1. Bride & Groom

2. Bridesmaids / Bestman / Ushers / Fathers / Mothers

3. Transportation Decoration - Car, Horse Carriages, Buses, Trams, Boats and more

4. Ceremony Decoration - Ceremony tables / Altars / Arches / Chairs / Isles and more

5. Venue Decoration - Cocktail Tables, Dining Tables, Candles, Glass & Vases

6. Cake floral decoration 



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