Flower package 31358

1 bridal bouquet, 3 bridesmaid bouquets, 8 table decorations, 2 ceremony decorations, work on site and transportation.
28650 Kč incl tax

This flower package was created for the client of PragueWeddings in August 2019.

The price included:
bridal bouquet - 2.500 CZK
3 bridesmaid bouquets - 3 x 650 CZK
8 table decorations (white flowers, mirror plate, candles and crystals) - 8 x 1.950 CZK
2 ceremony decorations (Price per 2 big vases.It can be used also at reception) - 5.000 CZK
work on site and transportation - 3.600 CZK

These decorations and bouquets were used at the Church of Our Lady beneath the Chain and Letensky Chateau

The price includes work on site and transportation.

This flower package was prepared by WeddingFlowers.cz.

Additional information regarding prices and availability
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