Anniversary, Wedding Vows

Renew your wedding vows is a beautiful thing; celebrating your marriage, and share with the World how still madly in love you are by saying 'I do' all over again in a heartbeat.

Why to celebrate your love? 

Aside from celebrating a milestone anniversary, there are many reasons why couples choose to renew their marriage vows. Perhaps you want to reaffirm your love after a particularly challenging period in your life, or you had an intimate or secret wedding in a far-off land, and are renewing your vows to celebrate with all your family and friends, or perhaps your dream wedding day simply wasn't quite as you had planned, and you want to celebrate in a way that feels more 'you'.

The most wonderful part of renewing your wedding vows, is the sweet sentimentality of the affair. Even if you had the perfect wedding day the first time around, you may have felt the stress of conforming to tradition, whereas renewing your vows comes with the full freedom and flexibility of celebrating your love wherever and however you wish.

Where to renew your vows, to celebrate your wedding anniversary? 

Say 'I do' in a classical church, or on a tropical mountain-top, or in a gorgeous garden party right at home; renewing your wedding vows is the time to celebrate in a significant place to you and your significant other. Get inspirations and discover our selection of romantic venues below.