Wedding Officiator

There are several types and options for a wedding officiator/ wedding officiant:

GOVERNMENT: You can use one provided byt the government ( he/she needs to be authorized ) *

CHURCH: in Czech Rep. Church officials are allowed to conduct legally binding ceremonies * or blessings only

LEGAL PAPERWORK fully approved paperwork must be provided at least 30 days before wedding and appointments at government offices Mon or Wed only. More in our Legal Wedding eBOOK * here and our 70+ nationalities wedding paperwork


PragueWeddings Provides multilingual officiants with wedding planning experience that helps on the wedding day. Our wedding offiiciants dont just show up to read the speach and go away. For more information.

Our officiators can blend easily with your wedding style, from casual to very formal incl. official insignias CZ mayor batch, book and register character if the requirement is full legal authencity .. see our eBook for pictures and explanation

PragueWeddings also helps with ceremony timing, speaches, vows, music, legal paperwork if needed. Ask us about Quick legal ceremony and symbolic wedding as a smart bundle. More information check web/FB or Insta

PragueWeddings Clients receive comprehensive details, options, locations, prices, steps, timing and costing in their Manual