Blessing Ceremony St. Thomas (Tomas)

Wedding Package organized by Wedding ceremonies lasts around 30 min without holy mass or around 60 min with holy mass. Ceremonies are in English. At least one of you must be Roman-catholic.
29950 Kč incl tax

Why this church?
St. Thomas church was constructed by the Benedictines along with the chapel of St. Dorothy in 1228. In 1285 when Vaclav II was in power, a new Order called Ordo eremitarum sancti Augustini (Order of St. Augustine’s Hermits) settled in the church on the king’s invitation.

This Catholic Church ceremony package consists of these individual elements:
St. Thomas Church Rental Fee* - 4.000 CZK
Donation to the Church/Door man & Church lady - 11.000 CZK
PragueWeddings Fee for Blessing Ceremony - 14.950 CZK

 *Additional Fee for Organist is 2.000 CZK.

The couple must have been married in a Catholic Church for this option.

Weekend wedding surcharge 3.000 CZK (in case you will book a "full wedding service" with us - as opposed to "ceremony only", weekend surcharge will not be charged).

Please note that divorced people can not remarry in the Catholic Church, no matter if previous marriage was in church or office. For further information, please visit

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