Blue mill

Mlýn Lejkov is located 8 km from Melnik, 22 km north of Prague, 30 minutes by car from shopping center Cerny Most and OC Letnany.
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Why this venue?
For your private ceremonial and informal events, we offer rent a fully equipped former mill site.

The hall on the ground floor is connected to the original stone staircase with a hall on the first floor.

The ground floor hall is an authentic area with original mill technology, stone walls, thanks to which there is a pleasant, cool climate in the summer.

The hall upstairs is a space full of light and wood, with its original plank floor and plank ceiling, vertical beams, factory windows and several mill machines. The whole area is dominated by the black concert wing of Förster.

Parts of the premises:
- Mill - ground floor: Main bar, fridge, fridge. Preserved part of the mill technology. Passage to the garden.
- Mill - floor: Equipped with furniture as a stylish café for 50 - 60 people, it can be rebuilt even for a reception (60 seats).
- Courtyard: Pergola - stage 8 x 4 m, sound and lighting. Roofing for grills.
- Barn: The barn is a private space. For larger events, the barn can be used as a bar with a second passage to the garden.
- Garden: Pergola with seating, fireplace. Deck chairs and outdoor furniture. Trampoline, slide, swings. Ornamental garden with the statue of Venus.

There is also a parkway for parking.


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