Ceremony Package St. Thomas Church with Legalities (Tomas)

Wedding Package organized by PragueWeddings.com. Wedding ceremonies lasts around 30 min without holy mass or around 60 min with holy mass. Ceremonies are in English. At least one of you must be Roman-catholic.
36600 Kč incl tax

Why this church?
The church was built in Gothic style on the foundations of an older, most likely Romanesque, church. Its current Baroque appearance dates back to 1727 – 1731, and the tall thin octagonal spired tower is an indelible part of the Lesser Town skyline. The church is a part of the Augustinian monastery, and both its size and interior decoration rank it among the most important Prague churches. Masses are also held in English and Spanish.

This Catholic Church ceremony package consists of these individual elements:
St. Thomas Church
 Rental Fee* - 5.200 CZK
Priest / Minister for your ceremony - 5.000 CZK
Translation of documents before ceremony - 5.000 CZK
Translation and stamp of marriage certificate - 800 CZK
Delivery of legal marriage certificate after the wedding - 350 CZK
PragueWeddings Fee - 19.950 CZK

 *Additional Fee for Organist is 2.000 CZK.

Weekend wedding surcharge 3.000 CZK (in case you will book a "full wedding service" with us - as opposed to "ceremony only", weekend surcharge will not be charged).

Please note that divorced people can not remarry in the Catholic Church, no matter if previous marriage was in church or office. For further information, please visit www.pragueweddings.com.

Flower Decoration in St.Thomas Church
There are certain restrictions - no real candles (apart on the altar) - electric candles can be used instead.  No glass decorations on the floor, no rose petals.
If you wish to use any decorations on pews, local florist needs to superivise - this is for protection of the historical church parts.

Virtual tour from St. Thomach church: 


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