Chateau Clement Termes - Gaillac

Red wine in varieties of Merlot and Syrah.
275 Kč incl tax

Deep and crimson red wine in varieties of Merlot and Syrah is one of the most enchanting drinks you can taste. The feeling you get is like being covered in the the softest silk possible – gentle and tempting at the same time. From the first breath you can smel the sweet wood or liquorice in a perfect mixture with smoked and jammy black fruit. With every drop you can feel the modification of the flavour: it smoothly gets to the point of soft tannin but right from all of a sudden you can feel the freshness of the fruits. The perfect way to drink this concrete type of wine is after a while, when the bottle was left open for some time. The house of this kind of the truthful drink is France, Gaillac region. With the maximum storage of 10 years, the wine of 2015th is already suitable for any occasion. To fully experience the pleasure of luxurious life, it must be served in merlot glasses at 15 degrees Celsius. Giving you a perfect sense of satisfaction, it creates a perfect symphony together with beef or lamb dishes, savoury meals and different kinds of cheese. This wine is a sensational drink, a velvet pearl among other wines.