Chateau Mitrowicz

Amazing chateau for your wedding fairytale.

Why this chateau?
Chateau Mitrowicz is ideally located on the Lužnice river bank (1h45 from Prague) and provides a romantic place for your countryside wedding or an engagement celebration. Our wedding consultant will make sure your wedding day will be organised according to your dreams.   

At one location, you may organize your wedding ceremony, reception, evening party and accommodate your guests and then spend an unforgettable night in the wedding apartment. We are able to reserve the whole site for you during the wedding day to ensure privacy for you and your guests. 

- Ceremony in the garden or in the courtyard - 8.900 CZK
- Ceremony in the St. Anne's Chapel - 9.900 CZK
- Ceremony in the main Hall - 11.900 CZK

The following services are included in the price of the wedding ceremony:
- the rental of the wedding premises for 60 minutes
- organization of the ceremony
- arranging the agreement from the local authorities
- parking at the courtyard for the bride and broom
- parking for the guests in the private parking lot in front of the chateau 
- flower decoration of the ceremony table
- the rental of the wedding ring pillow
- sound system for reproduced music
- 24 pcs of white chairs for the wedding guests
- the possibility to take photos in the garden and the courtyard for 90 minutes
- wedding consultant service 

This venue offers supplementary services which guarantee an unrepeatable atmosphere of the wedding ceremony. The prices of specific items are indicative and they are calculated based on individual requirements and number of guests. 

- Decoration of the white chairs for the ceremony - 390 CZK
- Flower decoration of the ceremony table with fresh flowers from - 550 CZK
- Rental of flower stands and flower arrangement - 1.400 CZK
- Rental and decoration of the wedding arch - 1.400 CZK
- Rental of the wedding carpet - 750 CZK
- Live music during the ceremony from - 4.750 CZK
- Wedding toast for the newlyweds, best man and bridesmaid and wedding registrars - 350 CZK
- Photo shooting in the representative rooms on the first floor / 60 minutes - 2.000 CZK

We do not offer a separate ceremony during the high wedding season (May - September).


- The main castle hall with beautiful newly renovated frescoes and a stove in the rococo style for a really unique atmosphere of the wedding feast, with the possibility to connect the hall with adjacent representative private rooms. 7.260 CZK/hour.

- The castle park with a summerhouse and courtyard is ideal for the celebration and evening banquet in summer. The capacity of the guests is not limited. 1.815 CZK/hour

- Ground Floor Hall - 1.815 CZK/hour

The romantic (wedding) apartment offers a unique experience from an overnight stay, there is an amazing view on the illuminated ceiling fresco in the Chapel of Saint Anna thanks to a private entrance to the balcony. The apartment offers both a big free-standing bath for two and a luxurious bathroom and a space of sufficient space with a big mirror e.g. for the preparation of the bride, placing of gifts and welcoming guests. 

The price for the reservation of the whole floor (up to 18 beds) is CZK 25.000 incl. VAT.

Breakfast may be ordered individually. The accommodation is provided only when reserving the whole capacity; individual accommodation is not provided. Nevertheless, we are currently working on the accommodation capacity expansion in the adjacent administrative building where the total capacity would be 20 rooms (approximately 44 beds). Then we will offer a standard hotel service and the individual reservations will be possible.

Additional information regarding prices and availability
The stated prices include VAT.
Latest price updated on February 21, 2019 


phone: +420 602 284 123

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Chateau Mitrowicz - Ceremony in the garden or in the courtyard
8900 Kč incl tax
Chateau Mitrowicz - Ceremony in the St. Anne's Chapel
9900 Kč incl tax
Chateau Mitrowicz - Ceremony in the main Hall
11900 Kč incl tax
Chateau Mitrowicz - The main castle hall
Price per hour.
7260 Kč incl tax
Chateau Mitrowicz - Ground floor hall
Price per hour.
1815 Kč incl tax
Chateau Mitrowicz - The castle park
Price per hour.
1815 Kč incl tax
Chateau Mitrowicz - Accommodation
The reservation of the whole floor (up to 18 beds).
25000 Kč incl tax