Private Chateau Tower Dinner

Sensational 360 degree views of Prague for your special event.
1600 Kč incl tax

We invite you to an intimate meal perched atop the Chateau Tower with sensational 360 degree views of Prague to celebrate the enchanting beauty of Prague and fine cuisine in one!

In this chateau, you will fine just one tower, with just one table, so you can dine in absolute privacy while enjoying the romantic atmosphere, amazing views of Prague, and a delicious 3-course meal. 

Included in Per Person Price:

  • Rental Fee for private use of the Chateau Tower with amazing views of Prague
  • 3- Course Menu
  • Personal Waiter
  • CD Player with Romantic Music Selection
  • Maximum of 2 - 4 people
  • Drinks are not included in the price (you will pay separately at the Tower)

Tower dinner 2019

Menu A
Roastbeef with apple, jalapeño peppers, whole grain mustard and honey dressing
Veal schnitzels with mashed potatoes and pickled cucumber salad
Dessert á la carte
* * *
Menu B
Whipped fish fond with lobster ravioli and cheese
Salmon fillet on saffron mashed potatoes and beurre blanc sauce
Dessert á la carte
* * *
Menu C
Lettuce with sous-vide chicken breasts, white bread chips and yoghurt dressing with dill
Pork tenderloin served on fresh chanterelle sauce, parmesan pancakes
Dessert á la carte
* * *
Vegetarian menu
Brie cheese in crunchy filo dough, salad with cranberries reduction
Fresh spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, garlic confit and baked parmesan
Dessert á la carte
* * *
Á la carte ( not included in price )

Price is per person, please note that high season sucharge may apply ( Xmas, New Year Eve and Valentine ). 


What our clients said about this location ? 

Excelso L. - Propose in Prague, Chateau Tower Dinner

"Hello! I have just arrived from Prague and we loved it. The dinner in the Tower was fantastic, everything went as I wished and my girlfriend (future wife) loved it! As you told me, the place was very nice, the food tasty, and the service good. Thanks for your cooperation and your availability to help me in a short period of time. It would have been imposible to have an opportunity like this if I didn't find you. Best regards, Excelso"

Cynthia A - Chateau Tower Dinner

"Hi Magda, It was an amazing experience, we loved the place as you said and the food and waiter were amazing. Everything so perfect...thanks god there are people who help everyone to organise things like this.Thanks and kisses from Spain "


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