Dobris Chateau

Rococo chateau with beautiful garden.

Why this chateau?
Dobris Chateau boasts beautiful historical interiors, a unique French style park, hotel accommodation a lovely period style restaurant and easy access – simply a wonderful place to visit.

The Rococo chateau of Dobris and its adjacent parks date back to the second half of the 18th century when the original Baroque chateau was destroyed by fire.

Time for wedding: Friday: 12:00 - 14:00
                           Saturday: 10:00 - 14:00

Wedding ceremony premises: Photography - outside the ceremony hall!!
- Mirror hall - 15 000CZK
- French style park - 20 000CZK
- Stables - 7 000CZK

Other information
- We would just kindly need to inform you that wide reconstruction of castle orangery and wing walls in French park is planned for year 2018. The French park will not be able to be used, the interior spaces and the courtyard of the castle are without any problems.

- Due to operational reasons it is not possible to throw rice, flower petals etc., and it is not possible to take pets inside the chateau and the French style park. 
- In exceptional cases it is allowed for vehicles to enter the chateau premises (must be agreed in advance with the chateau administration). 
- Photography session of the newly weds in the chateau - fee CZK 1,500 (in 4 rooms, for approx. 30 minutes).
- Rental of premises for a drink/banquet after the wedding ceremony (45/90 minutes) for a fee of CZK 1,500 / CZK 3,000.
- Tour of the chateau for the wedding guests (30 minutes, 60 persons max.) - prices in the current price list. 

Premises for ceremony and reception -  Whole day 

PREMISES: Mirror Hall, Rococco Hall, entrance hall Salla Terrena, background for catering, /courtyard/ - 80 000CZK + VAT

(The price of rental includes rental of above mentioned premises, electricity, staff supervision (3 - 5 pers.), closure to public during the whole day. The price also include use of grand piano in Mirror Hall, sound device in Mirror Hall.)

- Wedding celebrations until 24.00, after agreement, celebrations can be extended, aprox. 10.000CZK for each hour
- Rococo hall in the evenings - can be used for a quiet zone without music - coffee, refreshments
- Timetable - can be modified to a different time
- Wedding arch - Florist
- In case that you would like to have dance music there is a need of dancefloor (rental 5x5 m for 5.000 CZK or 8x5m for 8.000 CZK)
- Outdoor tent about 10 x 5 m is about 15,000 to 20,000 CZK, catering or chateau management
- Chairs are available. Catering is provided by the tables.
- The price doesn´t include flower decoration.
- Refreshments - catering companies
- The French Park will be closed for public a whole wedding day
- We do not organize another wedding

- Catering will offer you food, beverages and decorations according to your demand, the rate depends on the meals and the way of its serving.
- Catering company will bring and prepare the tables, we borrow our chairs from Mirror Hall.
- Catering company will prepare a food and beverage offer according to your requests - estimated price is around 1.000 CZK - 2.500 CZK / person - it depends on the kind of meal and type of serving (buffet or served menu).

- We can accommodate up to 22 persons (10 double rooms + 1 wedding suite) in hotel Garni**** Dobris 
- There is a parking for accommodated guests.
- We are able to give you contacts to hotels nearby that you could accommodate all your guests:
   - Pension Novy Rybnik 
   - Esmarin
   - Holsin Residence
   - Ermi Hotel 
   - Horse Park Kamenny Dvur
   - Hotel Belvedere Pribram 

-Fireworks - 
Pyro Jiva pan Halfar z Dobrichovic 
                  - Until 22:00. Order 50 days before wedding.
                  - Price: aproximately 20.000CZK

Cultural programme – fencing, costumes – Agency Gladius 


phone: +420 721 443 384  

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Chateau Dobris - Mirror Hall
15000 Kč incl tax
Chateau Dobris - French Park
20000 Kč incl tax
Chateau Dobris - Stables
7000 Kč incl tax
Chateau Dobris - Extra hour
Wedding celebrations until 24.00, after agreement, celebrations can be extended, aprox. 10.000CZK for each hour
10000 Kč incl tax
Chateau Dobris - All - day rental
Mirror Hall, Rococo Hall, Vestibule, utility rooms for catering
80000 Kč incl tax
Chateau Dobris - Accommodation
Room for 2 person. Price - from 2700CZK
2700 Kč incl tax
Chateau Dobris - Wedding Suite
At the wedding ceremony at the castle
6000 Kč incl tax