Elly Jay

Singer, pianist and musician.

Why this singer and pianist?
Elly Jay was born in Cape Town, South Africa who is now based in the Czech Republic, in Prague. He is an experience musician who has been in the music industry for over 20 years. 

He worked in Spain, Germany, Austria and Slovakia. Elly is not only a Singer and Pianist, but also a composer and producer of many genres. 

He worked with various music licence companies and Record labels from the UK, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Australia and South Africa, who places music in movies,TV,Film and Commercials.

In 2016 Elly Jay entered the prestigious competition “PIANIST OF THE YEAR”. The contest was held in Prague under the auspices of the company PETROF. Elly Jay was one of the TOP 9 pianists.

Musician, pianist and singer Elly Jay is offering live music for formal and informal program of the events (weddings, VIP events, congresses, corporate evetns, conferences, trade fairs, festivals, exhibitions, parties etc.).

Elly Jay is offering piano / keyboard playing + singing. Rich repertoire (Pop, Jazz, Swing & Soul, Evergreen, etc.). 

He is also offering the combination of his piano / keyboard performance and other musician playing violin.

The music performance is suitable for wedding reception, ceremony and celebration.

Additional information regarding prices and availability
Latest price updated on October 29, 2019


+420 776 128 208

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Elly Jay - Wedding ceremony
Approx. 30 min before the arrival of guests, ceremony, congratulations. Playing keyboards / piano + singing possible. The price does not include transport.
5500 Kč incl tax
Elly Jay - Wedding ceremony + reception / dinner
Wedding ceremony and 2 x 45 min. of playing (keyboard + singing) at lunch or afternoon. The price does not include transport.
11000 Kč incl tax
Elly Jay - Approx. 2 - 3 hours lunch/afternon
Keyboard + singing. The price does not include transport.
9000 Kč incl tax