Engagement ring DF 3098 Pink

Engagement ring made of white gold with pink sapphire and brilliants.
26272 Kč incl tax

Material: Gold

Fineness: 14ct

Colour: White

Weight: 2.15 g

Stone: 1x pink sapphire and 28x brilliant 

Size of ring: 46-64 mm

Price per ring with sapphire (0,755 ct) and brilliants (0,232 ct): 26 272 CZK

More about ring: https://www.brilianty.cz/zlaty-zasnubni-prsten-df-3098-bile-zlato-ruzovy-safir-s-diamanty-16034/ 

Ring from Jewellery Danfil

Price on 18.7.2018