Engagement ring Matar

Engagement ring made of gold. Stone: Brilliant.
25500 Kč incl tax

The engagement ring Matar is made of white gold and decorated with a red gold element. The central part of the ring is decorated with a diamond. The ring combines traditional design with modern jewelery trends. 

Material: Gold (white and red)

Fineness: 14ct (585/1000)

Size: 43-65

Weight: 3,6g

Stone: Brilliant 

Price with brilliant 0.24ct: 25 500CZK

Price with brilliant 0.28ct: 36 000CZK

Price with brilliant 0.36ct: 44 400CZK

Price with brilliant 0.44ct: 61 499CZK

More about ring: https://www.reklaano.cz/produkt/zasnubni-prsten-matar/ 

Ring from Jewellery Kadanik Rings

Price on 7.8.2018