Fine spirit tasting

Spirit tasting
20000 Kč incl tax

Why Spirit tasting?
Tastings take place with guidance from professional bartenders. Our bartenders have completely fallen for the fine spirits and they enjoy sharing information and interesting things from the history and production of the selected brands with you.

Tasting specialization options:

  • fine spirits – absinth, brandy, cognac, rum, vodka, whisky – ey
  • sparkling wine
  • Spanish wines
  • cigars

We offer two tasting options:

1. Controlled tasting

  • maximum number of 20 guests, time limit
  • two blocks, each takes 40 minutes

2. Uncontrolled tasting

  • the number of guests is not limited; they receive samples and information during the entire event on a mobile bar or at our steamer trunk.


phone: +420 731 948 260 


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