First dance

A very long time ago, the first dance didn’t exist but another tradition was famous to do on a wedding day. This tradition is traceable back to ancient times, when a man took a bride by literally taking her, hunting down and kidnapping the woman who had become the object of his desires. To showcase his hunting prowess and his new bride, he marched his catch round and round the fire in front of friends and clansmen before the celebratory partying could begin. Nowadays, regardless of a couple’s culture, ethnicity, religion or gender and mentality, the first dance arrived. This dance is a visual representation of the exchange of vows, it is also the couple’s acceptance of each other as equal partners and the beginning of their new life together as one.

First dance songs - Samples 

Title Artist 
I'm yours  Jason Mraz
You've got the love Florence and the machine 
Your song  Elton John 
Come away with me  Norah Jones 
You and Me  Lifehouse 
At Last  Etta James 
The music of the night  Andre Boccelli
Everything  Michael Bubblé 
Halo  Beyoncé 
I will always love you  Whitney Huston 


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