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The GALARD is a combination of traditional tailor's craft and the most sophisticated fabrics. Our tailor-made shirts are produced from material of the highest quality, mainly from Italian-made cotton. 

We work with only leading brands such as SCABAL, Charles Clayton, Holland and Sherry and others. 

Our ties come from the Italian town of Como where we have carefully selected for you only the highest quality pieces. In our salons you can only find hand tailored ties, most of them made from 100 percent silk. We hold only a few copies of each design so that you can be sure of an entirely original look.

We produce tailor made belts from top quality leather. You can choose a belt from a single piece of leather or instead choose a luxurious three-layer belt. Hand colouring of the belt is a must. With sufficient care the high quality of the material and careful workmanship should ensure that the belt will last many decades.

Cufflinks are the essential fashion accessory for the man for whom style is important and knows that only in the details can true perfection be found. You can choose from a large range of first class British-made cufflinks, designed for every type of occasion. 

The upper breast pocket of a men’s jacket should always be dressed by a handkerchief. This should not match the tie exactly – it is a separate accessory for your suit and can raise the whole outfit to a new level. You can choose from a large range of types and colours.


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