Hlinena basta

Unique restaurant!

Why this restaurant?
Our restaurant is unique in the Czech Republic, it is the first modern ecological construction in our country. On the building was used soil from landfills liquidated, fell away and transportation costs and materials. To heat the use of natural resources, solar energy amplified by the greenhouse effect is collected into walls and floors, heat pump uses the energy of groundwater. Before cooling north winds building is protected by an earthen rampart. Thanks to modern technology, the lifespan of the building counts on hundreds of years and life expectancy is ground to a flowerbed.

Addict with us, you can get directly to the meadow by the pond for water lovers can prepare the ceremony and just above the pond on the catwalk.


phone: +420 272 690 700

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Hlinena basta - menu
Price per person.
300 Kč incl tax