Harphist Katarina Sevcikova

Only harp, duo harp and violin or harp with singing is a good musical accompaniment for the whole wedding day. Price from 5.500 CZK.
5500 Kč incl tax

Why this harphist?
Katarina Sevcikova is a sought after harp player who amazes listeners with her superb playing of this royal instrument, not only here but in numerous other countries where she still performs, including Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Scandinavia. She is devoted above all to solo playing and relaxation concerts, not only in spa towns and hotels but also concert performances. In these concerts she interprets pieces by harp composers of classic music from varied eras and music of differing styles and genres.

I will be honoured to perform for you and to caress your soul, and enhance you festive gala evening with a colourful repertoire, take you into the world of dreams and accompany your wedding ceremony with the tones of the harp.
Thank you for your visit and confidence. I wish you beautiful and relaxed days. With love Katarina.

Listen: http://www.katarina-sevcikova.cz/media-ukazky.php 


email: katarinasevcikova@seznam.cz 
phone: + 420 606 935 686

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