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We will deliver your wedding bouquet and other wedding flowers and decorations, according to your needs, the day before the wedding or on the wedding day, and we can also help you with decorating the ceremonial or reception sites. We can decorate all the usual and unusual ceremonial sites - the town hall, church, chapel or wedding arch in the middle of a flowery meadow. We always make sure, that the flowers blend in with the surroundings. And of course the same applies when decorating the restaurant, where your wedding reception or banquet is held.

you can find many wedding bouquets on our website, the stated prices should only be considered as a guide to give you a brief idea about prices for our work.

We will of course prepare flowers for mothers, bridesmaids and grandmothers, but also corsages for the groom, witnesses and fathers. We will use the same flowers as the bridal bouquet and we always try to make the flowers for mothers to be easily held in one hand, so that they have their second hand free for the tissue :-)  Flowers in the form of jewellery for the groom corsages are always precise and perfectly match the bridal bouquet

Also we offer 
- Hairstyle flowers
- Wedding table decoration
- Pad for rings
- Car decorations