Liblice Chateau

Beautiful chateau Liblice.

Why this chateau?
Newly restored Liblice Chateau is an ideal location for the wedding celebrations with unforgettable experiences. An experienced team of professionals will take care of you, from your first visit all the way to the actual realization of the wedding day. Liblice Chateau prompts to engagements, wedding ceremonies, as well as to full wedding festivities. Not to forget the celebrations of silver, gold, and diamond weddings.

We offering:

  • Civil, church (St. Wenceslas Church in Liblice), and symbolic wedding ceremonies
  • Accommodation in the castle rooms
  • Wedding banquets with an evening party and a terrace barbecue
  • Wedding ceremonies in the Marble Hall
  • Garden wedding ceremonies
  • Rentals from 3.500 CZK

phone: +420 603 566 426

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Marble hall for the ceremony - Liblice
Ceremony hall for 40 people
8500 Kč incl tax
Toast (Princess Christiana Sekt) Liblice
1 glass per person
85 Kč incl tax
Dinner - Liblice
3 course menu. Price per person.
595 Kč incl tax
Late evening food - Liblice
350 Kč incl tax
Liblice - Chateau restaurant until midnight fee
Per 1 hour
5000 Kč incl tax
Rental fee- Liblice
15000 Kč incl tax
Drink package all day - Liblice
13 hours ( consumation: wine, beer, soft drinks)
1200 Kč incl tax