Lobkowicz Palace Rentals

Situated in the Prague Castle complex, the Lobkowicz palace offer wonderful possibilities for fairy-tale weddings.

Why this venue?
The Lobkowicz Palace, the only privately owned building in the Prague Castle complex, offers a wide variety of exclusive wedding possibilities in the Palace’s halls and ballroom. Their 17thcentury Imperial Hall is the ideal location for extraordinary weddings. Dine and dance surrounded by frescoed walls and magnificent chandeliers, all the while enjoying unparalleled views of the city from the most elegant private hall in the Prague Castle. Couples may take their wedding vows in their historic chapel or one of their beautiful palace rooms. Marvel at breathtaking panoramic views of Prague from the terrace, or dine and dance under the magnificent chandeliers in the palace’s elegant Imperial Hall. With unparalleled views of the city in an elite location, a wedding in the historic Lobkowicz Palace is unforgettable.

The Palace offers many halls and rooms for your ceremony and reception. You can choose one or more, depending on your guests numbers and extend of your event (ceremony, cocktail hour, reception and dinner, dancing etc.)  

Wedding Ceremony and reception in Lobkowicz palace (approx. 100 guests)
- Progress chart: Wedding ceremony in Concert Hall, photoshooting on the terrace, Gala Menu serve in the Imeprial Hall, After party in Balcony Room. 
- Halls: Imeprial Hall + Concert Hall + Balcony Room + Terrace
- Price from 139.000 CZK 

Wedding ceremony in Lobkowicz palace (approx. 50-100 guests)
- Progress chart: Wedding ceremony in Concert Hall and then photoshooting on the terrace with amazing view of Prague (ceremony about 10:00 – 11:00)
- Halls: Concert Hall + Balcony Room + Terrace
- Price from 30.000 CZK 

Wedding ceremony in family Chapel (max 20 guests)
- Price from 30.000CZK 



Imperial Hall                              Concert Hall
- 1st floor                                        - 1st floor
- Banquet: 180 guests                   - Banquet: 70 guests     
- Buffet: 220 guests                       - Buffet: 100 guests
- Cocktail: 350 guests                    - Cocktail: 100 guests
- Theatre: 300 guests                    - Theatre: 100 guests

Balcony Room                             Charles Bridge Room 
- 1st floor                                         - ground floor  
- Banquet: 80 guests                      - Banquet: 50 guests  
- Buffet: 120 guests                        - Buffet: 35 guests  
- Cocktail: 100 guests                     - Cocktail: 60 guests  
- Theatre: 130 guests                     - Theatre: 70 guests

Music Salon                                 Pernstejn Room
- 1st floor                                        - ground floor
- Banquet: 40 guests                     - Banquet: 20 guests
- Buffet: 40 guests                         - Cocktail: 15 guests
- Cocktail: 40 guests                      - Theatre: 20 guests
- Theatre: 50 guests

Rococo Room                              Garden Room
- 1st floor                                        - ground floor
- Banquet: 30 guests                     - Banquet: 40 guests
- Buffet: 30 guests                         - Buffet: 20 guests
- Cocktail: 30 guests                       - Cocktail: 20 guests
- Theatre: 30 guests                       - Theatre: 40 guests

Terrace                                         Bird Room
- 1st floor                                       - 1st floor
- Cocktail: 70 guests                     - Banquet: 10 guests
                                                        - Cocktail: 15 guests

Confetti, rice, bubbles are not allowed in the Lobkowicz Palace. 
Smoking is only allowed on the outside terrace. 


phone: +420 702 201 145

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Picture of Lobkowicz Palace – Chapel
Lobkowicz Palace – Chapel
Intimate Chapel for a small ceremony. Price from 30.000 CZK.
30000 Kč incl tax