Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror Great fun and Photos.
11200 Kč incl tax

Why this photobooth?
Magic Mirror is an entirely new and innovative type of many popular wedding photo booth. Magic Mirror is unique, interactive, creative and playful! It uses touch technology and has stunning performance! Up to 300 large prints of 13x 18 cm per hour! The main advantages of our wedding photoboth are its interactive features. Communicates with your guests through entertaining animations, plays games with them like Ping Pong, Tic Tac Toe and many more. Mirror displays animations in Czech or English. In addition, in English, you can also choose a sound version of entertainment animations. Every photo can be tagged with the original tag or signature of the guest. They can write any message to the newlyweds with a finger on the Mirror! Who would not be able to complete the photo by using filters, emoji and virtual props as well as on their phones. Your photo will become a unique and original piece that you will not forget! Your creative work can be hooked up to newlyweds in a wedding book that is free for this wedding season! Our mirror can not miss on your great wedding party!

Additional information regarding prices and availability
For the following wedding season, we have prepared several packages of services in different price ranges. This great fun for your wedding party can be as high as 11.200 CZK.


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