Mother & Son Dance

The Mother-Son Dance is a tradition in many countries like Czech Republic and France.  In the past, this dance came first in the celebration.  Mother and son danced and then the mother introduced her to the groom and let them dance, it is the first step in their new life. Nowadays, the tradition changed, Bride and Groom open the celebration with the « first dance », then the father dance with her daughter and in the same time Son and Mother dance together. This dance symbolize that the mother give a mission to her step-daughter, the mission to take care of her son as she did. 

Mother /Son dance songs- Samples 

Title  Artist 
Thank you for loving me  Bon Jovi 
Color my world Chicago 
Beautiful Boy  Jonh Lennon 
Stand by me  Ben e King 
God only knows  The Beach Boys 
You'll be in my heart  Phil Collins 
The wonder of you  Elvis Presley 
Only you  Joshua Radin 
After tonight  Justin Nozuka 
Forever young  Bob Dylan 


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