Nosal Hotel

Beautiful family hotel.
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Why this hotel?
This family hotel, with more than a century of tradition, is located only a short distance away from the city center of Prague at the edge of one of Prague's biggest parks. Peace and tranquility are words describing the feelings that our guests experience. Hotel Nosal offers 19 stylish rooms, 3 conference rooms, a restaurant, a room for relaxation and a wine cellar with an excellent selection of wines. A short driving distance from a highway makes Hotel Nosal also a perfect destination for meetings, conferences and events.

Hotel Nosal is an ideal place for wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions and banquets. The Large room is ideal for wedding parties, where you can settle one table which will seat 32 wedding guests (maximum number of guests at a table arrangement is 38). A popular option in good weather for celebrations and banquets are the hotel gardens, which offers space for more than 100 guests. Hotel rooms are also suitable for organizing company parties, family celebrations and other social events.


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