Polaroid or Instax for your event. The price starts at 23 CZK per picture.
23 Kč incl tax

Why this photobooth?
Do you plan to have a wedding or a birthday party? Bring a Polaroid or Instax and make a beautiful photo album full of memories! Or you can give the pictures to your guests and watch them having fun as they are enjoying the shooting.

We can rent you Polaroid or Instax for free and you will pay just for the films. The price starts at 23 CZK per picture.

You can also buy a photoalbum and accessories from us.

We have a shop in Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Bratislava but we can also send you the camera and the films by DPD to your home directly.


email: info@polagraph.cz
phone: +420 777 717 569

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