Funny boxes for pair.
699 Kč incl tax

Why Randebox?
Discover the magic of date nights from the comfort of your home.

Randebox is a one off or a subscription box containing a surprise pre-prepared date plan that you can enjoy with your partner without going out or needing to leave your house. It’s a fantastic gift for all couples wanting to spend some quality time together.

In each Randebox you will find a detailed date plan, 5 unique activities, games, playlists, videos and any props necessary to create 2 magical hours of dating within the comfort of your home.

Each box has a special theme which instantly transports you and your partner to a casino in Las Vegas, a Mexican celebration of Dia de Los Muertos, an Indian yoga ashram or a survival adventure in the wilderness. To set the scene and activate your imagination you’ll also receive interesting games and props that will add that special touch to your amazing evening.

Randebox gives you not only an opportunity to have some fun but also to learn something about each other and your relationship.

Quality time spent together. Fun. Mutual understanding. Stronger relationship. That’s what Randebox is all about.

How it works?
Order, Unbox and Enjoy. It’s that simple.

Additional information regarding prices and availability
Each box costs 699 CZK. We also offer a subscription plan so you can date regulary without any hassle.


Ingrid Halabicova
email: info@randebox.cz 
phone: +420 773 700 481


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