Restaurant Nostalgia

Prague restaurant for wedding reception.
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Why this restaurant?
Restaurant Nostalgia is among the hospitable restaurants in Prague. Prague will become a more pleasant place to stay in addition to visiting the monuments and galleries, also the restaurant Nostalgie.It is a great place for organizing wedding reception and party for up to 30 people. The restaurant has an elegant cellar lounge and garden. It offers French, traditional Czech and international cuisine. They are open to your wishes. They are willing to prepare  served menus (which  you can choose on the spot  a la carte up to 20 people) or a buffet.

Inside options

maximum capacity: 30
rental fee: NO
min. consumption: 300 CZK / person
set-up: according to your wishes for example T, square table for 5 people, white tablecloths

The restaurant is divided to a level with a bar and then a smaller lounge separate with wall where you have exit to the gardens. In case of  raut, the raut can be situated in the upper lounge.
Maximum capacity of the restaurant: 40 persons, without a upper lounge for 30 persons.

Outdoor option

maximum capacity: 40 people, in 2019 will be glassed.
EXCLUSIVITY OF THE WHOLE PLACE: min. consumption 40 000 CZK

-according to your wishes, up to 20 people can handle on-site a la carte selection, over 20 people choose from pre-ordered 4 meals
- 3-course  menu:  cca. 700 CZK / person
-Average buffet: cca 500 CZK/ person
-children menu: 300 CZK

Charged according to real consumption
Wine 1.5 dcl: 110 CZK
beer Plzeň 0,5l: 60 CZK
soft drink: 45 CZK
Corkage fee: 150 CZK / bottle of wine, own hard alcohol is not allowed

How long can we stay there? - without limits
Music - indoor without restrictions, garden until 10 p.m

No additional charges, aftermidnight fees, servise charge- NOTHING

The reception can be held downstairs in the cellar lounge and dancing party at the restaurant near bar or the oposit way.
Bands and Dj without restrictions.

 They have a piano in the restaurant what we can use.

They don not have any, but they can arrange nearby accommodation  in 4 Art Suites (Rybná 3, Prague 1). They have 20 apartments. Accommodation capacity is 40 persons. Price per night 70-80 EUR.


phone: +420 222 316 164

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