U Zlate hrusky Restaurant

U Zlate hrusky is an adorable venue with the amazing food, a great choice for a night out. Price is a sample of a 3 course menu with drinks.
1205 Kč incl tax

Restaurant U Zlate hrusky is a perfect place for a romantic evening. The charming interior in a mixture with deliciously cooked meal will fulfil your biggest dreams about a perfect dinner.

Sample of menu:

Starter: Canapes – 175 CZK
Main Dish: Pink Roasted Pluma – 388 CZK
Dessert: Pear Cake – 92 CZK
Drink: Prosecco Frizzante – 550 CZK.

Please, kindly note that it is a public space (not a private table in the private space) and we cannot guarantee the availability.

More information: http://restaurantuzlatehrusky.cz/?lang=en 

Price on 15.06.2018