Wedding Music

Where do we start? Define your needs!

If you need music for your first dance or the father-daughter, mother-son dance you should consider about visiting the category playlists, where you can find collections for every case.

Furthermore, you could add music to your ceremony, either live or even from your own smartphone. For the live music, we offer you a great variety of musicians to select. Depending on the venue, you could choose as a main instrument cello, violin, guitar, harp or saxophone.

After the ceremony, during the cocktail hour you can have some lounge music playing in the background.

Regarding the main reception, you can hire a DJ, a band or play songs from your laptop or phone.

If you are more classical, you could hire a solo musician, incorporate classical music or chansons. 

In this section we would like also to inform you that not every venue has a dancefloor so you may have to bring your own. Below you can find a variety of sizes and pick the most suitable for your needs.  Finally, we offer you the option to attend a series of dance classes before the wedding. 

What's next? Simple, choose from the following basic list:

Wedding Playlists, Ceremony music, Cocktail/dinner music, Chansons, Solo musicians, Classical music, Djs, Dancefloors, Wedding dance.