Wedding rings Stones Full

Wedding rings made of gold. Stone: Brilliant. Price per pair.
188000 Kč incl tax

All colours of gold meets in a design of the wedding rings Full Stones - white, red and yellow. A distinctive line of red gold connects these rings, making it an exceptional set. The men's ring is made of yellow gold, with a total of 114 elegant black diamonds. Exceptional glitter of the bride’s ring is supplied with white diamonds, with a total of 102. The Full Stones rings are appreciated by couples looking for luxury with a bit of extravagance. 

Material: Gold (white and yellow)

Fineness: 14ct (585/1000)

Size: Woman: 43-65
         Man: 48-76

Weight: 10g

Stone: White or black brilliant 

Price per pair.

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Ring from Jewellery Kadanik Rings

Price on 7.8.2018