Blessing Ceremony only St. Giles (Jilji) church

Catholic church located in the heart of Prague. Package includes church rental, priest/minister, agency fee.
25150 Kč incl tax

Why this church?
One of the most beautiful churches in Prague is located between the Charles Bridge and Old Town Square, in the heart of Prague. Tucked away in narrow streets and alleyways.

Characterised by its sturdy Romanesque façade and Gothic dimensions, St Giles was founded in the 13th century and then completely remodelled between 1340 and 1370 by Dominican monks. During the 14th century it became the base for the religious reformer Milic of Kromeriz, while Baroque elements - including a stuccoed interior, ceiling frescoes by V.V. Reiner and an adjoining monastery were added in the mid-18th century. Located near to Bethlehem Chapel on Husova street. 

This Catholic Church ceremony package consists of these individual elements:
St. Jilji Church Rental Fee* - 5.200 CZK 
Priest / Minister for your ceremony - 5.000 CZK
PragueWeddings Fee for Blessing Ceremony - 14.950 CZK

 *Additional Fee for Organist is 2.000 CZK.

The couple must have been married in a Catholic Church for this option

Weekend wedding surcharge 3.000 CZK (in case you will book a "full wedding service" with us - as opposed to "ceremony only", weekend surcharge will not be charged).

Please note that divorced people can not remarry in the Catholic Church, no matter if previous marriage was in church or office. 

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