Reception Venues

Where do we start? Define your needs.

Once you have chosen your ceremony venue, your second wedding planning decision is to find your reception venue. It is important to define your needs; it will help you to find a reception venue that meets your expectations.

In order to make the right choice, remember to ask the good questions: 

  • Will the location be privatized?
  • For how long can you rent the location?
  • What is the price of the location?
  • Does the location have any restrictions?
  • Is it close to your ceremony venue?
  • Does it provide catering?
  • Is it big enough to hold your guests?
  • Can you play music all night long?

We have prepared for you offers for places where you can organize your wedding reception. Wedding reception can be held almost everywhere, for example in the historic Hall, palaces or castles, gardens, restaurants or even on a boat. The choice is up to you.

What’s next? Simple, choose an item from the following basic list and add it to your sample budget:

  1.             Venues 80 - 100 +
  2.             Venues 30 – 50
  3.             Venues 10 – 30
  4.             Dinner venues for 2+


We thank Mitrowitz Chateau for kind permission to use the illustration photo for this category.